The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

These books are brilliant for all ages and are great for adventurous minds.

I thought all these books were really good because they are adventurous and they have lots of fantasising characters.

Here we have all the Dust-Jackets of all these books:

BOOK ONE The Magician’s Nephew

It is one of the wettest and coldest summers for years when Digory and Polly decide to explore the attic of the old, tall house. And that is how they stumble upon the secret workroom of Digory’s eccentric Uncle Andrew who, in a wild experiment, tricks them into vanishing right out of this world and into the enchanted land of Narnia.

BOOK TWO The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

The story begins with a wardrobe, for without it Lucy would never have found her way into Narnia, or even heard of the White Witch, whose reign has been longer than anyone knows. But work is afoot to dislodge the Witch. It is whispered that Aslan -the great Lion- is once again on the move. Only with his help is there hope of the White Witch being defeated- and she has captured Edmund. To save Edmund, Aslan must sacrifice every- thing. But without him the ancient prophecy cannot be fulfilled, or Narnia made free.

BOOK THREE The Horse and His Boy

When Shasta learns that he is not son of Arsheesh the fisherman and is to be sold into slavery, he decides to escape from the cruel land of Calormen. With the talking horse, Bree, he goes north on a fearful journy- past the eerie tombs in the desert and in disguise through the city of Tashbaan -to find Narnia, where the air is sweet and there is freedom, safety and happiness.

BOOK FOUR Prince Caspian

Trouble times have come again to the Narnia the Telmarines have conquered the country and are persecuting the true-born Narnians. Price Caspian, seeing the evil done by his usurping uncle, king Miraz, and with his army heavily outnumbered, in desperation blows The Great Horn of  Narnia. Peter , Susan, Edmund and Lucy, heroes from the distant past, find themselves once more in the kingdom, but with an almost impossible task ahead of them – to save Narnia.

BOOK FIVE The Voyage of The Dawn Treader

Lucy and Edmund with their odious cousin Eustace, journey on board the gallant ship Dawn Treader to the Easten Seas in search of the seven lost friends of King Caspian the Ninth. On this extraordinary voyage of discovery they encounter a dragon, a sea serpent, a band of invisible people, a magician and also the great Aslan himself, who makes them a very special promise.

BOOK SIX The Silver Chair

Eustace and Jill, wishing themselves in Narnia to escape the horrors of their school, are commanded by the great Lion Aslan to find Prince Rilian, who mysteriously disappeared ten years before. Guided by marsh-wiggle Puddlegum, all at first goes well, but then they end up deep underground – and in thrall to the powerful Lady of the Green Kirtle.

BOOK SEVEN The Last Battle

Good King Tirian faces the fiercest challenge ever to any Narnian King’s rule. There is a false Aslan roaming the land, commanding all Narnians to work for the cruel Calormenes. Narnia’s only hope is that Eustace and Jill, old friends to Narnia, will be able to find the true Aslan and restore peace to the land.

The Last battle is the greatest of all battles, and the final ending the most magnificent of all endings the most magnificent of all endings in this, the last book of C.S Lewis’ timeless series, The Chronicles of Narnia.

The battle of good against evil is fought in the seven titles of The Chronicles of Narnia, the most enchanting fantasy novels ever written.

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