The Lady Grace Mysteries – Assasin by Grace Cavendish

Find out how Lady Grace Cavendish with the help of her trusty friends Ellie and Masou work together to solve a terrible mystery in another great read from Grace Cavendish.

One suitor dead with a knife in his back, and another under suspicion … Can Lady Grace, Queen Elizabeth’s favourite Maid of Honour, solve the mystery and bring order back to the Queen’s court?

Open up the daybook of Lady Grace for a tale of daggers, death and a very daring girl …

2 Responses to “The Lady Grace Mysteries – Assasin by Grace Cavendish”

  1. Annabel .P. says:

    You must read this book it’s great!

    Go Yollie !!!

  2. Pat says:

    This is a terrific review. It really made me think that this is just the sort of book I’d like to read.

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