The Railway Children by E.Nesbit

An very descriptive way of writing from this author.

An exciting read. All the way through the book wondering how Roberta, Peter and Phyllis are going to solve the mystery of why their father was taken away. And who is this old man they always wave to as he passes by on the train.

Here’s a snippetĀ  from the back of the book:

Roberta, Peter and Phyllis live a comfortable, happy life in London until two men visit their father one evening and take him away. With far less money to live on, the children and their mother move to a simple country cottage, where she spends her days writing stories to sell and the children discover the excitement of the nearby railway line. They make friends with Perks, the porter at the local station, and wave to an Old Gentleman every day on the train, little thinking how he will one day help them and they will help the railway company. But all the time the mystery remains: where is Father and will he ever return?

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