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Annexed by Sharon Dogar – The incredible story of the boy who loved Anne Frank

Friday, March 4th, 2011

This is what the dust jacket reads:  

I’m scared.

Scared I’m a coward.

Scared we’re trapped.

Scared that it’s my own

ghost standing at the bottom

of the stairs, waiting for me . . .

That this is it –

all that’s left of my life.

In this incredible re-creation of life in the annexe, Sharon Dogar re-awakens Peter van Pels: his thoughts, his hopes, his fears, his feelings, his words and his dreams.

As I read this book I was drawn into the annexe. When Peter wished to be outside, I did too. When he wanted to scream at the world and yell as loud as he could , no matter who heard him, I wanted to scream too. Slowly Peter begins to fall in love with Anne. He has so much longing for her that he hardly notices all the signs indicating that they may have been found out.

Then the moment comes; the eight in the annexe are betrayed. From here on the book tells of the camps, of the torture, the hangings, the gasing, the screaming, all the death.

 I would recommend this book to older children and adults. It is a wonderful story, although there are obviously terrible subjects such as the Holocaust and impossibly terrifying places like Auschwitz.

This book is definitely worth a five star rating – ***** Thank you Sharon Dogar for writing a wonderful book and helping to keep this important subject fresh in our minds.

Petals in the Ashes by Mary Hooper

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

The amazing sequel to At the Sign of the Sugared Plum.

It is a year after the plague and Hannah is desperate to get back to London and re-open her and her sister’s sweetmeats shop. However Sarah, Hannah’s older sister, is not so sure after all many are saying that the plague may still be around and there have been terrible prophecies indicated to this year – 1666.

When fires begin to rage in London, Hannah is sure they will be stopped. The king is helping put them out afterall.
However as smoke begins to fill the air and block out the sun she’s not so sure.
What if the fire gets to the shop? … What would Sarah say? … What should she do? … How would she get her little sister out alive? …

Join Hannah in this excellent adventure as she along with her younger sister try to escape the Great Fire of London!!

At The Sign of The Sugared Plum by Mary Hooper

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

At the Sign of the Sugared Plum is one of those books that draws you in and really makes you feel like you are in London; alive while you watch others become infected and cry out in pain before slipping away. This is a gripping tale of terror!

When the plague strikes London people begin to drop like flies. Can sisters Hannah and Sarah stay alive during this terrible time, when the Bills of Mortality are saying that there are 10 thousand dead in a week.

Here is what the dust jacket reads:

” You be going to live in the City, Hannah? ” Farmer Price asked, pushing his battered hat up over his forehead. ” Wouldn’t think you’d want to go there . . . Times like this, I would have thought your sister would try and keep you away.”

It is 1665 and Hannah is full of excitement at the prospect of her first trip to London. She is going to help her sister, Sarah, in her sweetmeats shop, ‘The Sugared Plum’. But Hannah does not get the welcoming reception she expected. Sarah is horrified that Hannah did not get her message to stay away: the Plague is threatening to take hold of London . . .

Through Hannah’s eyes, Mary Hooper brilliantly recreates the smells, sounds and sights of seventeenth-century London life. Hannah’s excitement at coming to the big city is vividly evoked, as is the growing terror of a seemingly unstoppable plague that takes hold of the city, street by street, house by house.

An amazing book that everyone should read! With delicious recipes for sweetmeats and candies!

‘ Talk about Horrible History!!’ Henrietta

‘ Couldn’t put it down!!’ Susie

War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

War Horse is a very emotive tale by one of the best authors of children’s books.

You may think to cry over this book you will  have to love horses, you would be incorrect.

Set in one of the worst wars, a moving story of finding out just who your friends are.

Englishmen and Germans have only one thing in common; they both care  for horses. Could one lost horse taken in by the enemy, end the war?

Here is a snippet from the book : ‘ I saw the grey soldiers ahead of us raise their rifles and heard the death rattle of a machine gun . . . ‘

This a brilliant book ideal for all ages ; adults, children and teens alike.

Yankee Girl by Mary Ann Rodman

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Yankee Girl is a brilliant book based on racism and doing the right thing.

I found that it was one of those books that you  just can’t put down. In fact my dad found me reading it on the staircase on the way up to bed.

Alice Ann Moxley is a friendly girl who just tries to fit in when she moves from Chicago to Mississippi. Alice is nick-named ‘Yankee Girl ‘ because she has a Deep Southern accent.

Valerie has a voice as sweet as honey, she should definitely be the angel in the school Nativity. But there is uproar because Valerie is a black girl in a white school. Alice doesn’t know whether to stick up for Valerie and be called a ‘Nigger Lover’ or stay reasonably popular in the crowd.

‘Suddenly, Valentine’s Day  was the number-one topic on the bus to school. Sarrane and the other cheerleaders were giggling about their plan to get rid of Valerie. I unfolded the paper triangle and read in Sarrane’s teeny cursive: Do you want Coon Girl ( Valerie ) and her buddies in OUR junior high? Show her who’s boss. Send her a mean valentine. Anyone who doesn’t is a nigger lover AND WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!’

P.S.  No card for Mary Martha Niggerlover either!!

A brilliant book for 9 – 15 year olds. You do not have to be interested in this particular subject it is a fabulous book all the same. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good,  descriptive read.

The Lady Grace Mysteries – Betrayal by Grace Cavendish

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

A brilliant book. Yet another exciting mystery for Lady Grace and her trusty friends Masou and Ellie.

This is how the author describes the book:


Life a s a stowaway on board an Elizabethan galleon is dangerous and dirty- it’s no place for a lady! But when her fellow Maid of Honour disappeared with a dashing sea captain, Lady Grace knows she just has to investigate.

Hide away with the daybook of Lady Grace, Queen Elizabeth’s favourite Maid of Honour, for a tale of high waves and high adventure …

The Amazing story of adolphus tips by michael morpurgo

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

The incredible tale of a deserted village, a lifelong friendship and one very adventurous cat. I adored this book by Michael Morpurgo.

This is a snippet from the back of the book:

It’s 1943, Lily Tregenza lives on a farm in the seaside village of Slapton, and her life is scarcely touched by war. Until one day when the villagers are all told to move out of their homes – lock, stock and barrel.

Soon the whole area is out of bounds as the allied forces prepare to invade France. But Tips, Lily’s adored cat, has other ideas – and returns to the forbidden area. Frantic to find her Lily decides to enter the danger zone to look for Tips herself …

The Lady Grace Mysteries – Assasin by Grace Cavendish

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Find out how Lady Grace Cavendish with the help of her trusty friends Ellie and Masou work together to solve a terrible mystery in another great read from Grace Cavendish.

One suitor dead with a knife in his back, and another under suspicion … Can Lady Grace, Queen Elizabeth’s favourite Maid of Honour, solve the mystery and bring order back to the Queen’s court?

Open up the daybook of Lady Grace for a tale of daggers, death and a very daring girl …