Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman

The books in the Noughts and Crosses series are books you just cannot put down.

In this the first book of four, Malorie creates an amazing and unfair setting for her characters to live in.

An incredibly immense and emotive tale of two children – a nought (white) and a cross (black) – trying to be together in a world where noughts and crosses just don’t mix.

Here is what the dust – jacket says: Callum is a nought – a second-class citizen in a world run by the ruling Crosses….
Sephy is a Cross, daughter of one of the most powerful men in the country…..
In their world, noughts and Crosses simply don’t mix. And as hostility turns to violence, can Callum and Sephy possibly find a way to be together? They are determined to try.
And then the bomb explodes …..

This is a gripping and totally absorbing novel set in a world where black and white are right and wrong
‘Will linger in the mind long after it has been read’ OBSERVER
‘Dramatic, moving and brave’ GUARDIAN
‘Flawlessly placed’ THE TIMES
‘Intelligent, emotional and imaginatively wicked’ BENJAMIN ZEPHANIAH

London Deep by Robin Price

London Deep is set in the future, in a flooded London. Instead of Trafalgar Square we have Trafalgar Swamp.

Jemima Mallard is a young, adventurous, happy and curious girl, but when two kids appear and sink her house boat she’s not too pleased. Police are the biggest problem though. You have the YPD (Youth Police Department) and the APD (Adult Police Department). Both sides are fighting it out to prove they are the best. When Jem finds herself arrested by the YPD on suspicion of helping or even being the devious ‘Father Thames’ she doesn’t know what to do. Can Jem uncover the true identity of ‘Father Thames’ before her time is up, – maybe that small white duck can help.

This book contains some brilliant cartoon-illustrations drawn by Paul McGrory. Although I occasionally found some of the pictures seemed a bit irrelevant.

Overall I thought this book was great. It would suit most ages.

Roobarb & Custard by Grange Calveley – When there was a pottery party

I read this book with my six year old brother. He loved the illustration and thought the characters were hilarious. This was a well written book with simple words and sentences. It is a great re-creation of the old cartoons.

War Horse by Michael Morpurgo

War Horse is a very emotive tale by one of the best authors of children’s books.

You may think to cry over this book you will  have to love horses, you would be incorrect.

Set in one of the worst wars, a moving story of finding out just who your friends are.

Englishmen and Germans have only one thing in common; they both care  for horses. Could one lost horse taken in by the enemy, end the war?

Here is a snippet from the book : ‘ I saw the grey soldiers ahead of us raise their rifles and heard the death rattle of a machine gun . . . ‘

This a brilliant book ideal for all ages ; adults, children and teens alike.

Yankee Girl by Mary Ann Rodman

Yankee Girl is a brilliant book based on racism and doing the right thing.

I found that it was one of those books that you  just can’t put down. In fact my dad found me reading it on the staircase on the way up to bed.

Alice Ann Moxley is a friendly girl who just tries to fit in when she moves from Chicago to Mississippi. Alice is nick-named ‘Yankee Girl ‘ because she has a Deep Southern accent.

Valerie has a voice as sweet as honey, she should definitely be the angel in the school Nativity. But there is uproar because Valerie is a black girl in a white school. Alice doesn’t know whether to stick up for Valerie and be called a ‘Nigger Lover’ or stay reasonably popular in the crowd.

‘Suddenly, Valentine’s Day  was the number-one topic on the bus to school. Sarrane and the other cheerleaders were giggling about their plan to get rid of Valerie. I unfolded the paper triangle and read in Sarrane’s teeny cursive: Do you want Coon Girl ( Valerie ) and her buddies in OUR junior high? Show her who’s boss. Send her a mean valentine. Anyone who doesn’t is a nigger lover AND WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!!!’

P.S.  No card for Mary Martha Niggerlover either!!

A brilliant book for 9 – 15 year olds. You do not have to be interested in this particular subject it is a fabulous book all the same. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good,  descriptive read.

Who is Charlie Keeper by Marcus Alexander

Marcus Alexander is a fabulous author!

Who is Charlie Keeper is one of the best books I have ever read.

Charlie is a 12 year old girl. She is a very strong character although she does have some temper problems. Charlie is a brilliant character I would really like to be like her.

Jensen is a very amusing character with his topnot and funny clothes he is an amazingly interesting Treman. ( Treman sing to trees.)

Bane is certainly not a good character, desperate to take over Bellania. The Stoman Lord (as Bane is known) must be defeated by Charlie and then she can save her parents.

Charlie Keeper has the fate of Bellania resting on her shoulders. Charlie must keep her friends close and her enemies closer!

… BETTER THAN ROWLING…” The Truth About Books

“…It is an awesome book. I had to keep turning the pages and found it next to impossible to put down…” Pharsyde Promotions

I would suggest this book to anyone who has the chance to get it. It is a truly fabulous book.

Hacker by Malorie Blackman

Hacker by Malorie Blackman is a really brilliant book.

‘Gripping stuff for the computer-literate generation’ Good Book Guide

This book is an amazingly well written book. Malorie can sustain a plot through out the book.

Here is what the first page says: I turned back to the PC screen, ready to start typing. ‘Oh-oh!’ I said. My heart began to hammer inside me. ‘What’s the matter’ Gib asked, stopping his leg exercises to look at the screen. MESSAGE: THIS IS THE SYSTEM OPERATOR. WHO IS USING THIS ACCOUNT? PLEASE IDENTIFY YOURSELF. MESSAGE:

‘Do something!’ Gib said urgently. ‘You’re not supposed to be on the bank’s computer. Vicky, do something. Log off.’

I didn’t even bother to log off. I hit the <BREAK> key twice – fast . . .

When Vicky’s father is arrested, accused of stealing over a million pounds from the bank where he works, she is determined to prove his innocence. But how? There’s only one way – to attempt to break into the bank’s computer files. Even if Vicky is the best HACKER in the world, will she find the real thief before they find her? A page-turner of a novel from the award-winning author of Thief!, Pig-Heart Boy and other titles.

‘Accept the expertise and race along with the plot’ Observer

‘Few writers can sustain a plot as well as Malorie Blackman’ Sunday Telegraph

The Spiderwick Chronicles by Tony Diterlizzi & Holly Black

The Spiderwick Chronicles are an enchanting set of the books.
These books are great for readers of all ages. If you do believe in fairies it might not be these evil ones you believe in.
Race along with the action and adventure of these books.
Over the back of these books you fill find a warning sign. You can’t read the blurb at all.

Book 1 : The Field Guide: Go away do not look put it down close the book

Book 2 : The Seeing Stone: We said no still you looked now instead someone gets cooked

Book 3 : Lucinda’s Secret Let the story of my niece and nephews be a warning. The more you know, the more danger you are in. And trust me you don’t want to meddle with the little people. – L.J

Book 4 : The Ironwood Tree : This book just has leaves over the back.

Book 5 : The Wrath of Mulgrath:The last book > Two remarkable talents, bestselling authors, Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black, have risked everything to bring this remarkable account to light. Read the Grace children’s final thrilling adventure in this, the fifth book of the Spiderwick Chronicles.

My Brothers Famous Bottom Gets Pinched! by Jeremy Strong

Laugh your socks off with this book. It’s hilarious!

A fab book for all ages.

Here’s a snippet from the back of the book:

” Now then, where’s my fabulous bottom?” “It’s behind you,” said Dad “Where else could it be?”
Nicholas’ brother’s bottom is so famous it’s going on tour. The T.V. people are taking the family on the road – but someone has to look after the goat! And when the Bumper Dumper tour bus is kidnapped by giant babies it’s up to Nicholas to save the day (again) – can he get there in time?


Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl

This was an enchanting book, I loved it.

This is the Dust-Jacket from start to finish:

Danny thinks the world of his father, but imagine his surprise when he finds out he’s been breaking the law! Even grown – ups bend the rules sometimes, but Danny knows his father is still good, kind, clever and full of exciting ideas.

Join them in this thrilling adventure as they hope to pull off the most daring and dangerous plan.